FAQ GD Point

Many may be asking about our latest GDPoint and how to use them and grabbing the rewards. We had come up with the FAQ to ease your queries.

Account Registration & Login information:


1. How to register as a member?
To register as a member, there are two (2) methods. One is to download the apps via their  Apple Apps Store or Android’s GooglePlay. In here, you will find the new button of POINTS then click and register from the mobile apps.  Second, you can visit our official website , www.gdpoints.com and click REGISTER to register yourself as member.

2. Can I use overseas mobile numbers?
Yes, our OTP SMS do support overseas number. If you did not receive the SMS, kindly contact us.

3. I am worried about my privacy in using my own mobile number. Can I use any an unknown mobile number?
Yes, you can. No name or ID for verification purposes. We only need your mobile number to receive SMS for verification. Of course, you can use any proxy number, we are ok with it.

4. If I forgot my password, what should I do?
You can always recover your password from the website and app. Simply click the recover button and request for the OTP.

Points Collection:

1. How to collect my points?
After you purchased the 4D number,  you will find the points code or QR code image on the bet slip.  You can collect the points by key in the 16 digits points code manually, or scan the QR from our mobile app.

2. Why I can’t collect points from the website?
Yes, currently we don’t allow for point collection from the website, and it’s only can collect from our mobile app. Website is only open for new registration, login to check your account status, and to redeem prizes.

3. Why I can’t find any QR code in my receipt?
Due to many of our agents’ printers could not support the QR printing features, hence we will print the 16 digits code on the receipt, user can still manually key in the points. For agents who carry the new printer, then their receipt will have QR code image.

4. How to collect my points manually?
Simply open GDLotto official mobile app (please update if don’t see the GDPoints features), click the POINTS button, then select “COLLECT POINTS”, and enter the 16 digits code.

5. What is the standard length for the points code?
Our standard points code is 16 digits.

6. Why I can’t collect my points after 3rd receipt?
As per our study, one user will not buy more than 2 times per day. Hence, our policy is limit to 3 receipts per day.

7. How long the validity of my points?
The points code is valid for 3 days.

8. What is the limit to collection my points?
There is no limit to collect your points. We only limit the total of 3 receipts per day.

9. How much points I got for RM1?
Our point collection structure is RM1 for 10 points.

10. If I purchased RM1.50, how many points I have?
You will earn 15 points for RM1.50. But your receipt is RM1.55, still, you will only get 15 points instead of 15.5.

Prize Redemption:

1. How to redeem my prize?
Login to your account (either web or mobile app), browse through the product catalogue and click the redeem button. Then double confirm on the redemption details.

2. Can I top-up cash plus points to redeem the prizes?
No, the user is required to use full points to redeem all our prizes. We don’t accept cash plus points method for any of our redemption.

3. How long the delivery of my prizes?
The delivery will normally take 1 to 2 days. All delivery works are given to the local courier company.

4. Can I exchange cash from my points?
No, the points are only for prizes exchange, and it’s not exchangeable for cash.

5. Can I exchange cash to play GDLotto?
No, the points are only used for loyalty purpose.

6. Can I transfer my points to other players?
No, your points are not allowed to transfer to another user account.