Launched of GDLotto Lottery Result Feed API!

Grand Dragon Lottery has now launched it’s Result Feed API that allow our partners to integrate and publish it live at their current channel such as website, mobile application, Facebook Live, YouTube Live.

GDLotto’s Live Draw Streaming API is actually comprised of components of the Text Feed Result API and the Live Video Result Feed API. The Text Feed Result API enable our partners to publish each latest 4D result of each position (from A to W) after being drawn from our casino. Hence, our partners can create more excitement to their user because the lottery result will be publishing one by one in real time basis.  Furthermore, Live Video Result Feed API allows our partner to publish our live draw video directly in their website, application, Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

We are welcoming to all our lottery result company such as 4D King, or any popular Facebook popular page or group to apply for the integration of API. With this integration, you can now publish our result easily and hassle free directly from our Live Streaming server. For more information, please visit our website at



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