New Bonus Jackpot / 最新豪龙红利奖金 / Jackpot Bonus Baru!

Due to the overwhelming response from our GD Fan in making our Jackpot game to be more exciting! Effectively on CNY DAY1 (16th of February 2018). Grand Dragon Lottery will recall the 20% of Small Bonus. We are committed to maximize the jackpot with excitement!

反应热烈 询众要求!大年初一,二月十六号起豪龙将取消目前的20%小红利,势必要把奖金池推到最高峰,最刺激!趁着一周年之际,同时为了回馈广大用户对豪龙的支持,豪龙也将会自掏10万美金进入奖金池里!




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