Small Jackpot Total USD81,079 won by 24 units!

Wow.. Wow… Last Saturday  ( 06 September  , a total of USD81k  ( which is equivalent to RM 324k) had been won by a total of 24 units from our qualified winners. And hereby, GDLotto is here to congratulate all our winners.

It is simply easy to WIN the jackpot where as long as the A position went up to either 3rd, 2nd or 1st place, and the qualified winner of A position went up to either 3rd, 2nd or 1st place, and the qualified winner of A position will hit our bonus jackpot immediately. And our jackpot has not been hit since April till now and this small jackpot is finally hit. This means 30% of the total jackpot will be won and share among all the qualified winners.

For those who want to know you how the Small Bonus is being calculated, it is simply easy !

On the Day Jackpot Pool Figure: USD270,265.20
Small Bonus Jackpot: 30%
Total Bonus won: USD81,079.56 (USD270,265.20 x 30%)
Total Qualified Units of Winner: 24 units.
Each Unit Price: USD3,378.315

In conclusion we have a total of 24 qualified winner for this position A, or whoever has purchased a 4D number of 2174 with at least RM4. If there is more than 24 people who purchases this number, ONLY 24 of them are qualified for our FREE jackpot.

If you have miss out this round, it is time to buy your dream number at least RM 4 with GDLotto with no additional and hidden fees.  Act NOW and YOU MIGHT be the next JACKPOT winner !

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