WIN The Bonus Jackpot over $200k

Hurry up all GDLotto Fans! This maybe the last chance that you ever able to grab from GDLotto’s Jackpot, and it has now accumulated up to USD242,000 (as per today) or equal to RM968,000 now! So why wait, and quickly participate our Jackpot qualification now, and stand a chance win this incredible jackpot opportunities.

Plus, our jackpot is just FREE to whoever bet USD1 (or RM4) one 4D number (bear in mind that jackpot is only applicable to 4D BIG, SMALL and 4D product, while other like 3D and 2D is not applicable) . Of course, our jackpot qualification is only entitled to our official or appointed agent, hehe and don’t regret if you never get pay when you hit the jackpot. So we never suggest to put your bet to our unofficial agents! Remember, only official agent is able to give you the jackpot! We have both offline and online agent for you to choice. To know more about how our Jackpot works, please visit

Always stay tune to our 4D number that fall under position A, and A is the Jackpot position for GD Jackpot. Whenever A being draw to 3rd place, then you get 30% from the total jackpot pool, while 2nd place for 50%, and 1st place will grab 100% of the total jackpot pool. It so easy to play, and all these are just FREE to you when you have qualified for USD1 per 4D numbers. No additional investment for you to participate our jackpot, and stand a chance more than what you are expecting!

Chat with us now if you need more information about our Jackpot (click the WhatsApp icon and link the user to our WhatsApp CS number).

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