KAW KAW 51% this Labour Day!

GD Lotto cares for you and at this time, one can now grab some great deals from us in conjunction with Labour Day. At this hard time, GD Lotto pairs with GDPoints bringing you KAW KAW discount where we will help you to pay your bills ( UNIFI bills, Electrical bills and more)


1. Join our member now and you will get 5100 points immediately

2. Existing member will get additional 51% points. Time to play with us to enjoy the additional points collection BONUS!
3. Points slash for selected products .And now you can grab all these benefits and redeem these awesome deals from 1 May 2020 till 12 May 2020.

Terms and condition applies*
Additional point claim is cap at 5000 points per receipt  ( max 3 receipt per day)
(Example: If you have a receipt which is worth RM 1,200.00

= (1,200 x 10) +( 1,200 x 10 x 51%)
= 12,000 +  6,120  ( if is more than 5000 , you only entitled 5000 only)
= 12,000 + 5,000
= 17,000 points

So you will entitled 17,000  points in total

Checkout our website for more information. To register do visit our website at gdpoints.com

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